Quality Tree Service in New Jersey

Liberty USA Landscaping provides Lawn Maintenance services for all your lawn and landscape needs. Whether you are looking for a service to care for your lawn and landscape because you don’t have the time, or if you want a professionally manicured lawn to beautify your home, let Liberty USA Landscaping provide that care.

Our maintenance service will provide weekly care for your lawn to ensure that it’s not just cut and trimmed for appearance, but our trained professionals know what symptoms your lawn may show of insect damage, disease, or draught. We can address the needs of your lawn before any real damage is done to keep your lawn, trees, and shrubs healthy and strong.

Lawn Maintenance is an important part of your property (and property value) and should not be neglected. Below is a listing of the services you can expect from Liberty USA Landscaping, both as a part of the weekly maintenance and other optional services to ensure the healthy and beautiful lawn everyone loves.

  • Spring and Fall Clean-ups
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Trimming all shrubs and trees
  • Weeding tree vines,beds,curbs,walks,patio
  • Blowing the clippings off the walks, patio, deck, driveway
  • Mulch or Wood Chips
  • Topsoil and Over-seeding
  • Irrigation maintenance

Please call us for any further information on any of the above services.